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Melbourne Bookkeeper

Bringing accuracy and clarity to accounting records for business owners

As a small business owner, you’re busy enough with clients, sales and quality control. It doesn’t make sense to spend time after hours balancing your books and poring over your business activity statement. 

Life’s too short to do your own bookkeeping! For a small cost, you can hand over the responsibility to someone who can quickly and efficiently take care of this responsibility. 

Spend your time on the things that matter and say goodbye to the frustration of bookkeeping for good.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services Melbourne

Why use virtual bookkeeping services?

Using a virtual bookkeeper allows you to:

Use an expert bookkeeper no matter where you are

Get professional services without the overheads

Focus on the areas of your business where your skills lie

Outsource your BAS to a registered agent

Find the time to build a more successful business

About Refresh Bookkeeping

Led by experienced accountant Ian Senior, Refresh Bookkeeping creates a customised bookkeeping system for your business. 

This gives you the confidence of knowing that your business is compliant, and the freedom to step away from those time consuming financial spreadsheets and confusing software-generated reports.

Online Bookkeeping Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Refresh Accounting offers small businesses:

BAS preparation

Payroll services

Bank reconciliation

Data entry

Annual account reconciliations

Invoice reconciliation

Cloud based accounting set up

What’s different about Refresh Bookkeeping Services?

Other bookkeeping services are all about data entry and bank reconciliation. Your business needs more than that, which is why we also offer:

At a glance dashboard showing your financial position

Profitability assessments

Expenditure reviews

Profit margin reviews

Why Refresh Accounting?

At Refresh Accounting, we know that business owners are stressed by cash flow and a lack of time to enjoy their life. This leads to burnout, business failure and relationship issues. By implementing customised tools and systems, small business owners will have money in the bank, and the time to spend doing the things that they love like playing with their kids, or taking the weekend off to go camping.

Book a free, no-obligation phone call to get started.