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Transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine.

You have a business that makes money so why do you always feel like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul? And why do you never seem to have enough money to pay yourself once you have settled your tax, suppliers and employees? 

The Profit First system takes a unique approach to make sure more of the money you earn goes towards creating the life you truly want.

Is This You?

As a small business owner, are you:

Always scrambling to find the cash you need at tax time?

Never clear about how much money you have coming in or going out?

Always paying other people but constantly failing to pay yourself?

Unable to make it through even four weeks without revenue?

Frustrated, overwhelmed, and never able to find time for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Most business owners find themselves in this position at some stage during their journey. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this. And the good news is that the Profit First method is a proven system to get this under control.

Free Download: Get the First Two Chapters of the Profit First Book

How Do Profit First Professionals Help?

Your Profit First accountant applies the simple rules explained in the global best-selling book Profit First to get your business on the right financial track. 

Ian and the team at Refresh Accounting will help you to:

Always have enough money to pay your taxes

Actually give yourself the wage you deserve for all your hard work

Create the savings you need for a rainy day

Stop wasting money where you don’t need to

Create financial security for yourself and your family

Why Use a Profit First Professional?

You’re a busy business owner and life’s too short to spend it stressing about cash flow!

Refresh Accounting will apply the Profit First calculator to your business. You’ll feel great every time you check your bank balance, and you’ll never be bothered again when tax time rolls around. 

Book a free call to get started.

Profit First Professional Melbourne

Free Download: Get the First Two Chapters of the Profit First Book

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