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Financial and business solutions from professionals with winery experience

You didn’t start your winery or plant your vines to end up being stressed by a lack of cash flow and to be stuck in the daily grind of record keeping. You were looking forward to a lifestyle business and it’s frustrating that it remains tantalisingly out of reach, always just one good vintage away!

Paperwork seems to fill your day and being everything to everyone can easily result in a lack of focus and, indeed, result in a complete lack of direction. We know that a vintage is a year, but it can feel like you are lurching from vintage to vintage, unsure how to break the cycle that you have found yourself in.

For most of the last 17 years we have helped winery owners run their businesses more efficiently, put systems in place to attain and maintain profitability and guide them through the strategic development of their business. Refresh Accounting can help you implement strategies and systems to help you find financial freedom in your winery business and get you back to doing what you love!

The idea of reconciling the bank account in your accounting package, calculating WET or looking at your Business Activity Statement fills you with a sense of dread. It’s something you put off for days or weeks until you can’t avoid it anymore. You tell yourself that doing the books yourself will save you money so it’s worth the pain!

Is it though?! Wouldn’t your time be better spent on the things you love? Driving sales, perfecting your Cabernet Franc, promoting your product or whatever it may be. Taking your time away from these important tasks is hurting your profits in the long run!

Believe it or not, there are people out there who love crunching numbers and can do it a hell of a lot faster than you can! Read more here about how virtual bookkeepers won’t just give you back your time but can even help boost your profits.

Your love of your wines is one of your biggest assets but, like many wineries, getting the business profitable and staying that way is all consuming. It’s understandable, after all – you need to support yourself and your family!

Read how we can help you implement a Profit First approach to the cash in your winery to gain financial freedom and get you back to doing the work you love.

Inventory Management

Opening a winery was your dream and you’re finally living it but managing inventory is a thorn in your side. Too much stock, not enough stock, juggling between online, cellar door and wholesale customers. It’s a never ending cycle of finding the balance between having enough product to satisfy customers and an over production that eats into profits and possibly compromises quality.

Finding the right inventory management system can take the pressure off, help you get clearer on your production needs, manage your barrels and schedule your bottling. If the thought of adding another piece of software fills you with dread, it shouldn’t! Check out our helpful guide about the steps to take to help you choose the right one for your business.

There is so much information coming at you from different sources that it can often feel like you are “drowning in information but starved for knowledge”. Where is your business at now, where was it and where is it going? What does this report mean? Where are our finances at right now? How do sales this month compare to last month? If answering these questions takes more than a few minutes, it’s time to make a change!

Creating a bespoke business dashboard can give you a quick and easy to understand “snapshot” of exactly where the business is at. No more comparing this report to that report or spending an hour putting figures in a spreadsheet.

Read more here about how a business dashboard can change your business and how we can help you get started.

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