Why Choose Refresh Accounting?

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Why Work with Refresh Accounting?

Why choose Refresh Accounting?

“..what are you offering your clients – why should a winery engage you?”, a great question (actually two great questions!) raised by a partner of an accounting firm that I have known for over 10 years. Given we are a new business they are also very fair questions, no doubt you had similar questions asked of you when you started your business.

“Why should I buy your x wine/beer/spirit? There are hundreds of others”.

We all start businesses with a dream or vision. You will have imagined yourself taking a long weekend off, camping, visiting friends, relaxing with cash in the bank and then as owners of a winery, brewery, distillery, or whatever your business you found yourself frustrated by the complexities of running it, frustrated that you spend too much of your valuable time running it, stressing about cash flow and struggling to find a private life. All you really wanted to do was make fantastic Chardonnay, IPA or Gin. You’ve never been trained to do the business stuff, and you feel like you’re learning on the fly. It’s hard work!

To put it simply, our aim is to help businesses improve and become more profitable so that business owners have cash to do the things that they love to do and the time in which to do them.


You’re the hero(es) in your business, not us. Your needs and desires that you have for your business and what it can do for you have to be central; the first consideration. For us, it’s about guiding you along your journey, and helping you develop the business skills that you feel you are currently missing or doing the finance basics to free you up to concentrate on the areas that you love and where you really add value.

So,  if you are perpetually stressed about cash flow and a lack of time to enjoy life; if you don’t quite make enough to achieve the lifestyle that you would really like, don’t quite make enough to achieve financial security for yourself and your family, don’t have cash left over to see you through a downturn or an unforeseen cost, don’t have enough to self-fund capital equipment, expansion plans, business investment opportunities etc; if you are starting out and want to avoid being in the stress and cash flow trap; or if you are comfortable with how things are going and want to take your business to the next level, we’ll listen to you, your problems and needs. We’ll get to understand and know your business so that we can start to help you develop solutions that improve your business profitability and have a business that you control, not the other way around.

We’re profit minded, which means that we will seek to achieve appropriate levels of profit and positive cash flow for both you and ourselves to generate and maintain a mutually beneficial arrangement;

We will communicate with you in a manner that works for you as an individual and helps you develop the skills that you need to achieve your goals.

These characteristics of how we interact with our clients and skills developed over 30 years in business, including extensive experience running a winery, assisting other wineries and a strong interest and understanding of breweries and distilleries, are why our other clients feel that we are able to help and guide them towards improved profitability and achieving their goals.

The aim throughout, as mentioned above, is that we develop a service offering that works for you and for each individual client. The services offered encompasses the following, but whether your situation needs each service, or if you need more time on one service than another, it will be a bespoke service that assists you to achieve your goals:

Assessing a business’s profitability, from a cash perspective not accounting or tax, and benchmarking that profitability against fiscally elite businesses; 

Working with business owners to develop strategies that improve profitability through cost control, margin improvements, cash management and growth strategies;

Help devise systems and processes that allow business owners to run their businesses so that they can spend time doing the things that they love like playing with their kids or taking the weekend off to go camping or even an extended holiday.

As we work through the steps with a client we will provide clear and actionable plans to implement the strategies developed.

We know that clients find a lot of value in the work that we do with them and that their profitability and financial control increases as they work through the processes. This is not a quick fix solution, though clients do see the benefits quickly, it is a focus on managed continual and gradual improvement.

If you are still reading then something above has resonated with you so book a call and let’s have an exploratory conversation. A 30 minute call may change your life!

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